Code of Conduct

Read in conjunction with the House Management Policy and the Liquor License Management Plan of the Geraldton Turf Club in relation to its premises located at Eastward Rd Geraldton.

This code of conduct affirms the Geraldton Turf Club’s commitment to:

  • Controlling juveniles by restricting their access to the premises and refusing to sell or supply liquor to juveniles.
  • Controlling intoxicated persons by not selling or supplying liquor to intoxicated persons or selling or supplying liquor to persons so that they become intoxicated.
  • Resolving any complaints from patrons, neighbours and residents promptly and effectively.
  • Caring for its patrons by following harm minimisation strategies as described in the Geraldton Turf Clubs Management Plan.
  • Respecting its neighbours by minimising litter, noise and disturbance emanating from the licensed premises.
  • Responsible server practices and hereby adopts the Director or Liquor Licensing’s Policy guidelines on the responsible promotion, sale and supply of Liquor.
  • Complying with the provisions of the Liquor Licensing Act 1988, its liquor licence and any other relevant legislation which governs the conduct of business on the premises.